HIPAA Basics for Business Associates 2022 Edition

Healthcare business associates (BAs), as well as their sub-contractors, are required to comply with most HIPAA requirements, including some that are specific to BAs. Healthcare covered entities (CEs) have a wide range of responsibilities for obtaining “satisfactory assurances” that their BAs are doing all they can to meet all their HIPAA compliance obligations. This training course is designed with the needs of business associates and their sub-contractors in mind. It is also for those workers within CEs who have responsibilities to obtain satisfactory assurances of HIPAA compliance from their BAs. It provides an overview of the HIPAA requirements important for all BA employees and subcontractors to know and understand. It also contains an overview of new information about temporary and proposed HIPAA changes, restrictions on CEs sharing PHI with BAs, misconceptions about BA compliance requirements, and much more. See the outline for more information. Valuable supplemental materials are provided, along with a quiz, and three types of training certificates.


  • HIPAA overview
  • Covered entities, business associates, and subcontractors
  • Satisfactory assurances
  • CE disclosures of PHI to BAs
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • HIPAA Security Rule
  • HIPAA Breach Notification Rule
  • HHS guidance and temporary changes in HIPAA requirements
  • Proposed HIPAA changes
  • Protected health information (PHI)

Supplemental Materials:

Yes. Details about temporary changes, and HHS compliance guidance.


Yes. Results include explanations for answers. Certificates for passing, and passing with high scores, are provided.


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