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NEW: 4/2/2022 – What Do UNIX, Linux & Dirty Pipe Have in Common? Listen To Hear!

A lot of news has been released lately about the Dirty Pipe vulnerability in the Linux OS. How is this related to UNIX? Listen in to hear Rik Farrow, the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable expert on UNIX and Linux, explain! Rik will provide his advice about careers in UNIX and Linux security, and answer a wide range of questions Rebecca has received from listeners about these topics. A few of the questions covered include: • How many versions of UNIX are there? • What makes Linux different than UNIX? • Which has more security capabilities; UNIX, Linux, Windows, Android or iOS? • How many web servers run UNIX? Or Linux? Why? • Basically, what is the Dirty Pipe vulnerability? • What types of devices are impacted by Dirty Pipe? • How to avoid being a victim of the Dirty Pipe exploit? • What about running shell scripts? Can that be done securely? Tune in to hear Rik provide valuable insights to these and many more questions. See more about Rik Farrow at #UNIX #Linux #DirtyPipe #Cybersecurity #PersonalData #RiskManagement #Privacy #TechCareers #SecurityCareers


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