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NEW: 1/2/2021 – Holding Privacy Events in a Pandemic World

For Data Privacy Day month Rebecca is speaking with Kim Hakim, CEO and Founder of FutureCon Events, about how she handled needing to move...almost overnight!...all her 2020 conferences to being online events at the beginning of 2020 when COVID-19 started spreading through the USA. Kim also discusses some of the key privacy issues she had to address when doing so. Kim will also describe the most requested privacy topics for the FutureCon events. Some topics covered in this episode include: What makes FutureCon events unique from all other cybersecurity and privacy events? What were the most requested topics in 2020 and for the upcoming 2021 events? What are the inventive ways that Kim arranged for online FutureCon event attendees to interact with speakers and sponsors? What makes a great cybersecurity and privacy speaker? What advice does Kim have for those who want to be speakers at cybersecurity and privacy conferences? Tune in to hear these topics covered, and much more!


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