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Privacy & Security Brainiacs, our CEO, Rebecca Herold, has been featured in many podcasts, webinars and news articles. You can find a selection of these publications on this page, which will be regularly updated.

Iowa Governor Reynolds Declares January 28 Iowa Data Privacy Day. 2022 marks the 14th consecutive year of declaration in Iowa.

Jan 28 2022

Remote Work Increases Data Privacy Concerns. As Data Privacy Day rolls around—on Jan. 28—companies are struggling to find data-security professionals, just when they need them most.

JAN 26 2022

Top Data Privacy Experts

Jan 20 2022

Our CEO, Rebecca Herold, was named a top data privacy expert by DatatechVibe and MartechVibe. We appreciate the recognition!

Jan 20 2022

Zero-Trust IoT. To keep corporate networks secure, implement a least-privilege, zero-trust approach with devices, not just users.

Our CEO is featured with several quotes from zero trust security panel keynotes she presented at ChannelPro events in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2021.

Dec 22, 2021

Ed McKinley, Luck Box

The Crisis in Data Privacy

November 2021

Predictions Series 2022: Top IoT Security Trends to Secure Your Smart Home Assistants

Oct 28, 2021

Post-Pandemic, Data Centers Adapt to ‘New Normal’

Oct 27, 2021

Marla Korolov, Data Center Knowledge

Datacenter management has permanently changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Read up on how data centers are evolving.

Tapping AI for Intrusion Detection Systems

October 18, 2021

Linda Rosencrance - loT World Today

AI has enabled intrusion detection systems to be adapted for IoT networks, which have been difficult to cover with traditional alternatives.

Schools Tasked with the Privacy and Security of Students during Remote Learning

October 18, 2021

Internet Security Company

The 'Privacy Professor' Teaches the Industry About Privacy and Security

August 24, 2021

InfoSec People Profiles: Rebecca Herold

IANS Security, Privacy and Compliance Law Update: Q3 2021

October 17, 2021

by Rebecca Herold

The Crisis in Data Privacy

Oct, 2021

With quotes by Privacy & Security Brainiacs CEO, Rebecca Herold.

No Technology is “Completely Secure”…Even the Beloved (by Many) Bitcoin!

September 8, 2021

Social media commenters asked me to provide examples of cryptocurrency security incidents, which I appreciate them asking for. My reply went beyond LinkedIn’s length limits, so I created this post....

On Grandparents’ Day, Reach Out and Help Someone

September 7, 2021

This article is courtesy and permission of privacy and security expert Rebecca Herold, known as The Privacy Professor, who taught a workshop I attended on Microsoft’s campus to train for my information privacy certificate from the IAPP (International Assn. of Privacy Professionals).

Privacy Professor: Cybersecurity Chose Me, And I Accepted

August 31, 2021

Ongoing Issues With Security, Privacy, Complexity: 'The Privacy Professor' on Solutions and the Need for Education

August 13, 2021

Social engineering methods: 7 new tactics to get you hacked

August 6, 2021

Social engineering attacks are a perennial issue among cyber criminals. You should know about these new methods.

200 Cybersecurity Influencers On Twitter Making a Difference in 2021

August 2, 2021

Our CEO, Rebecca Herold, is on the list! From Perimeter 81. “We’ve compiled the largest list of cybersecurity influencers on Twitter to date. 200 amazing and inspiring people that are making the interconnected world a safer place. The list includes hackers, journalists, founders, service providers, and industry thought leaders from all across the globe.”

NISTIR 8259B: IoT Non-Technical Supporting Capability Core Baseline

August 2021