PSB Services Online Training FAQs

How do I view my students’ training statistics?

1. Navigate to the “Reports” section of your user dashboard


2. Here, you will be able to view a graph depicting
  a) the portion of your students who have activated their accounts,
  b) the portion of your students’ training courses that have been successfully completed, and
  c) your students’ average score for each of your courses’ quizzes.


3. To view the account information of your students, click “View Detail” underneath the User Status diagram. To view the training completion status and training quiz scores of each of your students, click “View Detail” underneath the Training Status diagram. To view the average score for each training course, click “View Detail” underneath the Average Score diagram.

How do I add courses to my demo account?

To add a training course to your demo account, simply add the course to your cart and check out as normal. The price will be adjusted to $0 at the end of checkout, and you will be able to add your chosen training modules to your demo account without entering any payment information. Please ensure that you add at least 2 seats to your cart while checking out to take advantage of the 3 student limit for Demo accounts. You will be able to add 3 training modules with 3 seats (including the admin's seat) each to your demo account.

Why does am I shown a price on the demo account I’m signing up for?

The fact that you are using a demo account is not considered by the PSB website until checkout. At checkout, if the system determines that you are using a demo account, the price of your items will be reduced to $0, and you will be allowed to checkout without entering any payment information.

Why am I limited to 2 learner IDs and 1 admin ID for the demo account?

This number of learners allows demo users to get an understanding of how our training platform works and what a typical PSB training course looks like before making a purchase.

How can I purchase a class that I am demoing?

You will need to upgrade your demo account to a paid account in order to purchase courses. To do this, click the orange "Upgrade Your Account" tab on the right side of your user dashboard.


After upgrading your account, all of your training modules and students' accounts will be deleted and you will gain the ability to purchase training courses for as many learners as you'd like.