Call Center Information & Privacy Basics


Call centers, contact centers, help desks, and other types of business process outsourcing (BPO)
organizations that take calls on behalf of their business clients, are particularly vulnerable to
privacy breaches. In this training we will use the term “call centers” to mean all of these, for
simplicity’s sake.

Incidents of call center fraud are on the rise, putting the associated organizations at risk of
compromise, laws suits, non-compliance fines and damaging publicity. Cybercriminals know they
can often trick unaware call center staff into giving them valuable information and gain network
access through their clever and effective social engineering tactics, to then steal data, make
unauthorized transactions and commit a wide range of fraud.

This learning module explains how data and privacy is at risk to provide understanding and help
call centers to recognize vulnerabilities and improve security within their own organizations. In this
training we will provide some basics for improving the security and privacy practices of call center,
and describe red flags indicating social engineering scam tactics.

  • Call center vulnerabilities and breaches
  • Five common types of breaches caused by call center workers
  • Call center legal compliance requirements
  • Three common legal compliance requirements for all types of call centers
Supplemental Materials:

Privacy & Security Brainiacs provides: Call center privacy and security terms glossary; HIPAA
security and privacy terms glossary; identity verification recommendations; social engineering red
The business administrator account for each organization purchasing the course can also upload
their own supplemental materials into the secure Privacy & Security Brainiacs portal, to support

the associated course. For example, the organization’s security policies and procedures, privacy
policies and procedures, etc.


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