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Rebecca Herold

Privacy. Security. Compliance. HIPAA. IoT.

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Rebecca Herold is CEO of Privacy & Security Brainiacs SaaS services business founded in 2021. Rebecca is also CEO/founder (2004) of The Privacy Professor consultancy. Rebecca has 25+ yrs of IT, security, privacy & compliance experience & authored 22 books. Rebecca supports all sectors w/ deep experience in healthcare, govt, industrial, financial, transportation, education, IoT, & consumer security, privacy, and compliance. Rebecca has been an expert for the NIST Cybersecurity for IoT Program for 3+ years & was a NIST Privacy Framework Program expert for 3 years. Rebecca also is an expert witness for IT, security, privacy & compliance topics, including cases for IoT, digital surveillance & healthcare.   


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Courses by : Rebecca Herold

HIPAA Security Rule

  • 12 total minutes
  • Intermediate
  • Paid
USD $ 19.95


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Email: rebeccaherold@rebeccaherold.com


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