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Rebecca Herold

Privacy. Security. Compliance. HIPAA. IoT.

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Rebecca Herold is CEO of Privacy & Security Brainiacs SaaS services business founded in 2021. Rebecca is also CEO/founder (2004) of The Privacy Professor consultancy. Rebecca has 25+ yrs of IT, security, privacy & compliance experience & authored 22 books. Rebecca supports all sectors w/ deep experience in healthcare, govt, industrial, financial, transportation, education, IoT, & consumer security, privacy, and compliance. Rebecca has been an expert for the NIST Cybersecurity for IoT Program for 3+ years & was a NIST Privacy Framework Program expert for 3 years. Rebecca also is an expert witness for IT, security, privacy & compliance topics, including cases for IoT, digital surveillance & healthcare.   


Specialty caregivers (long term care centers, nursing homes, retirement communities, telehealth, etc.)
Medical devices

Agriculture and farming 
Highways and transportation
Energy / smart grids
Business-to-business (B2B)
Sole proprieter and small businesses

Security, privacy, compliance and governance (policies, procedures, risk management, training, awareness, third-party oversight, etc.)
Mobile and remote working

Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart grids and associated components
Online surveillance (Meta pixels and other types of web beacons, Conversion APIs, etc.)
New and emerging tech

Courses by : Rebecca Herold

HIPAA Security Rule

  • 12 total minutes
  • Intermediate
  • Paid
USD $ 19.95


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Email: rebeccaherold@rebeccaherold.com


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