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NEW: 5/2/2020 – Why Weakening Encryption for Law Enforcement Access is a Bad Idea

Efforts are increasing in the US and worldwide to force tech companies to build encryption that would “allow only law enforcement and government” groups to get into encrypted files and communications. The claims are that this is necessary to fight online crimes such as human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. We definitely need to address these horrible crimes. However, are these commands from governments and law enforcement groups technically feasible? Why aren’t these groups including technology experts in their forums discussing these needs? What other methods of catching such criminals are available? What would be the impact to everyone if they were forced to use such weakened encryption tools? Would the criminals even use such weakened encryption? Will 5G have any impacts on strong encryption? Listen in as Dr. Eugene Spafford discusses the issues that lawmakers, law enforcement, and the general public need to understand about how encryption works and important considerations.


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