Remote Working and Mobile Device Security and Privacy Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home (WFH), remote working and the use of mobile devices have increased dramatically. A large majority of organizations, of all sizes, in all industries, and throughout the world, have been requesting policies to deal with many more workers who are setting up offices to work at home, and who are using mobile devices and online meeting tools to do so, as well as to perform work activities on the road, and from various types of temporary locations.

History tells us that often times such new types of “temporary” work activities often become the new normal after pandemics and other types of emergencies and disasters are resolved. The remote working and mobile devices security and privacy policies put into place now may very well become the basis for how business work is performed on an ongoing basis as the new normal when the pandemic is behind us.

We want to provide information to help as many organizations as possible during these difficult times. Remote working and mobile computing bring a wide range of risks to businesses. On this part of our site we are providing policies and procedures, other types of tools and tips, along with news items to help you not only during the pandemic, but also for work from home and mobile computing activities after the pandemic is finished. Here you will find:

Policies and Procedures

Tools and Tips


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