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NEW: 7/3/2021 – 4th Amendment Does Not Give LE the Right to Access Encrypted Data

The recent take-down of 300 criminal syndicates in more than 100 countries by the DoJ, selling their own 12,000 encrypted devices and services to which they had the decryption keys, has resurrected the question of encryption and lawmakers’ claims that backdoors into encryption are necessary. Lawmakers, and even some data security personalities, point to this event saying it proves encryption should have backdoors. There are also claims that the fourth amendment supports this view. But wait! Doesn’t it prove otherwise? And, doesn’t the long history of failures for creating encryption backdoors prove that encryption solutions with backdoors built in put everyone at risk? Why can’t encryption be engineered to let in only the good guys and those meant to encrypt and decrypt the data, and not allow others access? Listen in as cybersecurity and encryption pioneer and multi-award-winning security and cryptography expert, owning many patents on cryptographic and network protocols, Dr. Steven Bellovin, answers these questions and many more in this highly informative discussion with Rebecca. You will hear insights and facts about encryption that have not been discussed anywhere else!


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