Generally all types of businesses today, from the one-person shop to the most complex multi-national 1-million+ employee corporations, rely on a complex, globally distributed and interconnected vendor, supply chain, and other types of third-party ecosystems that have geographically diverse routes, and consist of multiple levels of outsourcing. This third-party ecosystem is composed of public and private sector entities (e.g., acquirers, suppliers, developers, system integrators, external system service providers, and other ICT/OT-related service providers, etc.) and technologies, laws, physical components, operations, policies, procedures, and practices that interact to conduct research and development, design, manufacture, acquire, deliver, integrate operate and maintain, dispose, and otherwise utilize or manage the full digital ecosystem of products and services.

Vendor and supply chain security (VSCS), and privacy, management requires systematic processes for managing the full range of third-party risk exposures, threats, and vulnerabilities throughout the third-party ecosystem. To be successful, every organization needs to develop strategies to manage the security and privacy risks presented by all the organization’s third parties and their associated supplied products and services. Privacy & Security Brainiacs provides services and products to support this critical need.

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